Frequently Asked Questions


Is the goal of relationship coaching to preserve the relationship and avoid a break-up?

That is entirely up to you to decide. With coaching, the only goal is to find out where you stand in your relationship. The possibilities that arise from that discovery and whether you pursue them are two entirely different things.


How many sessions will we need?

Often it takes one to two sessions in order to understand the dynamics of your relationship. In additional sessions we will then work to understand the background of each partner’s highly personal relationship-patterns.
Often even after the first session, a noticeable easing of tension occurs in the relationship. It regularly takes anywhere from three to six months however, until the “relationship-mobile” levels off onto a stable track.


Do you also work with homosexual couples?

Yes, as the difficulties in homo- and heterosexual relationships are by and large the same.


What are your practice hours?

Monday to Friday from 11:00 a.m. to 9.30 p.m.


Are there parking places near the office?

No, but the parking garage “Urania,” as well as the Bellevue Parking Garage “Hohe Promenade” are about a 10 minute walk away.


How far is it from the main train station to your office?

About 10 minutes by foot, or 4-5 minutes with the tram (3 stations from the “Rathaus” stop)


How far is it from the Stadelhofen train station to your office?

At longest 10 minutes by foot, or with Trams 15 or 4 about 3 minutes (2 stations from the “Helmhaus” stop)


Do you have psycho- or physio-therapeutic training?

Yes, Rainer Grunert holds a diploma in psychology and German licensure as a psychotherapist.

Anja Grunert holds a diploma as a physiotherapist.


Do you have cantonal approval to practice as psycho-therapists?

No. Although to our knowledge we have satisfied all the requirements, we have not applied for cantonal approval, as we do not intend to accept insurance plans. Additionally, we do not provide classical psychotherapy.


Will you accept health insurance or supplementary insurance?



Will you provide an invoice?

Yes, you will receive a bill for coaching.


Do you offer a free introductory session?



Do you offer reduced rates?



When is it easiest for me to reach you by phone?

Because we have no appointed telephone schedule, we ask you to leave your number in the message. We will usually return your call on the same day.


How quickly will I receive an answer to my e-mail?

As a rule, we reply to all inquires within two working days.


Do you address the topic of sexuality in workshops?

Sexuality is addressed, but this is not a tantra workshop. There are no activities where it is necessary to undress.


Currently I do not have a partner; can I participate in workshops nonetheless?

No. Our workshops are only for couples.