You may look at life the way Woody Allen does, but all the same, from time to time the desire for another person arises in all of us.

The reasons for why this often doesn’t go the way we want it to - or why we again and again meet Mr. or Ms. Wrong - depends on our histories. It is our histories that determine how and what we see in the world.

If we are used to disappointment, then we will attract disappointment – not because we want it, but because we expect it. If we are always used to being the third wheel, then we will probably end up with partners for whom we are of secondary importance. And if we have difficulties in getting engaged and taking risks, then we usually find ourselves caught between numerous people, pulled this way and that.

This may all seem easy to understand, but for most of us the struggle with these damaging patterns can last years. Often it is enough to cast your glance more broadly, to look beyond your current horizons or plan of attack,  and new options immediately present themselves.

Because the entire process of searching for a partner is an unconscious process, however, many - regardless of how they behave - usually fall back into old patterns, bringing new disappointment on themselves. This disappointment in turn confirms that it was the “wrong one,” that they weren’t truly appreciated, and that something within themselves must not be worth loving.

“Woman to woman” or “man to man” relationship coaching helps to make these internalized patterns transparent, and then helps to develop new ones. At the same time, we work on issues of self-confidence and fear that have stood in the way of a fulfilling relationship.

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