Closure and Looking to the Future

Vierte Sitzung: Paarberatung und Eheberatung - Paartherapie und Sexualberatung - Systemische Familien-Therapie

In the fourth session, we reflect with the couple on our journey so far, and work out further developmental steps.

In this context, we focus above all on the theme of the future and work to foster each partner’s positive feelings towards one another, so that a mutual will arises to cope with the unavoidable challenges to come, even without our help.

Often, the topic of sexuality also comes to the foreground in the fourth session. Now that the previous crises and campaigns have ended, femininity and masculinity in all of their facets are on the agenda.

If the couple would like to work on a specific topic, then we develop a plan for the longer-term. Normally, the frequency of sessions decreases to once every six to eight weeks, according to the couple’s wishes.